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Solar PV repairs, services and maintenance in Bulgaria

With more than 10 years in the PV field, more than 1200 delivered systems and very well-trained engineers, our company can be reliable partner to repair and maintain your solar PV system in Bulgaria. In the past years we have performed many site-inspections , repairs and consultations. Also, we have acted as contractors for insurance companies that need to assess damage-costs of natural disasters over photovoltaic installations.


Despite that PV systems are usually durable, many things can go wrong. As result, you can experience:

  • reductions of electricity generation
  • fault within inverters
  • fault within cabling / fuses
  • coloration or other issues with the photovoltaic modules
  • damages by natural disasters (fires / storms, etc.)
  • damages by pest like mouses / birds


It is advisable not to attempt to clean or fix your own solar electric panels, inverters, or other system components as this could lead to serious injury. Solar PV service and repairs should only be performed by experienced professionals. If  your solar electric system needs O&M, inspection, service ,  repair,  or just the advisable yearly check-up, contact us today!

fire damage of photovoltaic system